Events and Programs in August 2023

Fri, Aug 11, 2023

(updates for Design Classes- see below)

Program: “Good Bugs, Bad Bugs”

Location: Immanuel Church of Christ
5401 Whitehall Road
Cambridge, MD 21613

Agenda: 9:30 am - 10:30 am Entries Accepted
10:30 am - 11:15 am Judging/Social Time
11:15 am – 12:00 pm Business Meeting
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Lunch/View Exhibits
12:45 pm - 1:30 pm Program

Speaker: Chris Riley, Ph.D., 
                         Entomologist at Bartlett Tree 
Dr. Chris Riley is a Research Scientist and the Mid-Atlantic Technical Support Specialist with the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories, the research, teaching, and training division of Bartlett Tree Experts. He also serves as a research collaborator for the DC-based nonprofit, Casey Trees. In his current role at Bartlett, Chris divides his time between conducting and disseminating research on current issues in urban forestry and arboriculture, training and supporting Bartlett Arborist Representatives and Plant Health Care Specialists and communicating with broader audiences on the fundamentals of science-based tree and landscape care. Prior to this role, Chris was a Graduate Research Fellow at The Ohio State University where his dissertation research focused on the ecology of shrinking cities with a special interest in urban forest dynamics and plant-insect interactions.

Program Chair: Martha Keating
Horticulture: Jeanne Bernard, Kathy Anderson
Design: Beverly Shelly, Deanna Kozak
Consultant: Cheryl Willey
Clerk: Arlene Peters

Division I – Horticulture

Class 1. Rosa (Roses)
a. Miniature single
b. Miniature spray
c. Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora
d. Floribunda, Polyantha, Carpet, Climber – one spray
e. Shrub, Old Garden rose

Class 2. Conifers – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/maximum length 24”)\
a. With cones or berries
b. Without cones or berries

Class 3. Broadleaf Evergreen Tree or Shrub – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/
maximum length 24”)
a. Flowering
b. Foliage
c. Fruited

Class 4. Deciduous Tree or Shrub – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/
maximum length 24”)
a. Flowering
b. Foliage
c. Fruited

Class 5. Ilex (Holly) – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/maximum length 18”)
a. Foliage
b. Fruited

Class 6. Container Grown Plants (maximum pot diameter 8”)
a. Flowering
b. Foliage

Class 7. Open Class
a. Annual
b. Perennial
c. Biennial
d. Bulb, corm, rhizome, tuber
e. Vines

Class 8. Herbs – Group of three (3) cut specimens in one container
a. Same cultivar
b. Different cultivars

Class 9. Five (5) fruits or vegetables shown on a tray. May be all the same type or different varieties

Division II – Design
Please NOTE updates and clarifications provided (July 1, 2023)
Please click here to see Updates for Aug 2023.

Class 1. 
Original: “Keep it Cool” Dried & Preserved Horticulture Specimen – 1 Arboreal piece – Botanical Arts – HB Pg 94-B-1. Note: Horticulture to be exhibited with Division II Design classes, not Division 1 Horticulture

Updated: "Keep it cool.” Dried and Preserved Specimen. HB Ch 10 I B 2. Page 92). One (1) single stem specimen displayed in a clear glass container. Specimens must be less than 24” in length.

Specimen must be grown by the exhibitor. General guidelines for Horticultural Division apply, including the requirement that the exhibit must be correctly named on a card by its binomial or currently accepted scientific designation.

Specimens may be foliage or flowers, and may be dried, glycerinized, skeletonized, or otherwise preserved.

No additional embellishments (dyes, glitter, spray paint or manipulation such as cutting or twisting) permitted. Materials such as Petal-Proof®, Super Surface Seal- er® or hairspray are permitted to prevent shattering of fragile seed heads, etc

Class 2. 
Original: “Hot Dog Days of Summer” – Plaque – Botanical Arts HB Pg 92 – II-B-1 b. Exhibited on an 8x10 white foam core sheet and easel provided by committee. 4 entries. Please sign up through Linda Chandlee during June Annual Picnic. May be entered as a Companion Design as described in HB Pg. 79=X-A-b.

Updated: “Hot Dog Days of Summer.” Plaque (HB Ch 10, II B 1 b. Page 93). Exhibited on an 8”x10” foam core sheet and easel, both provided by the committee.  Limited to four entries.  Please sign up with Linda Chandlee prior to August 5th ( May be entered as a Companion Design as described in HB Ch 7 X A. 3 b. page 79)

General guidelines for the Design Division apply including the requirement that the design be accompanied by a card listing all plant material used in the design. Plant material need not be grown by the exhibitor and can be fresh, dried or dried/treated, but painting, flocking, glittering or dyeing of fresh plant material in any manner is not allowed.

Class 3. “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” – Artistic Crafts – Photography – HB Pg 95. B/W or Color 8" x 10" or 8.5 x 11” photo. Matting only – no framing. Designer’s choice of mat color and photo surface finish. The Committee will supply an 8” black wood easel for each entry. A Macro/Close-up image of a plant or flower where the subject fills the frame.

HB = HandBook
THE HANDBOOK FOR FLOWER SHOWS - 2020 and 2017 Editions
published by National Council Of State Garden Clubs
the Jan 2022 revision is available for download free of charge


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