DGC Events and Programs in 
September 2022

Fri, Sept 9, 2022


Location:Cambridge Yacht Club
1 Mill Street
Cambridge, MD 21613

 9:30 am - 10:30 amEntries Accepted
10:30 am - 11:15 amJudging/Social Time
11:15 am – 12:00 pmBusiness Meeting
12:00 pm - 12:45 pmLunch/View Exhibits
12:45 pm - 1:30 pmProgram

Speaker:  Christiane Williams.  Christiane’s grandfather started to teach her about gardening when she was a child growing up in France. He was a vintner, horticultor and a great gardener. From the time she was small she was taught how to pick seeds from plants, sort them and plant them. She learned about propagating plants from cuttings and grafting. She has carried all her learning experience when she came the US and put it into practice at her house in College Park. She started by propagating Azaleas from cuttings. She also learned about the wild plants and shrubs that grow in this country and saved many plants from being destroyed by new development. In the past she belonged to the following clubs: Washington Orchid society, Beltsville Garden Club, Audubon, and the SPCA, specializing in wildlife. She was president of the Hollywood Farmers Market where she supported and brought vendors that were organic farmers.

Program Chairs: 
Hosts: Nancy Barger and Pat Beck 

Horticulture: Karen Cartwright & Linda Rossi
Design: Susan Matthews & Betsy Parks

Consultant: Jane Brighton
Clerk: Billie Norton

Division I – Horticulture

Class 1.Rosa (Roses)
a.Miniature single
b.Miniature spray
c.Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora
d.Floribunda, Polyantha, Carpet, Climber – 
one spray
e.Shrub, Old Garden rose  

Class 2.Conifers – 1 branch 
    (minimum length 6”/maximum length 24”)
a.With cones or berries
b.Without cones or berries

Class 3.Broadleaf Evergreen Tree or Shrub – 1 branch 
    (minimum length 6”/ maximum length 24”)

Class 4.Deciduous Tree or Shrub – 1 branch 
   (minimum length 6”/ maximum length 24”)
a. Flowering
b. Foliage
c. Fruited

Class 5.Ilex (Holly) – 1 branch 
   (minimum length 6”/maximum length 18”)

Class 6.Container Grown Plants (maximum pot diameter 8”)

Class 7.Open Class
d.Bulb, corm, rhizome, tuber

Class 8.Ornamental Grasses – single cut grass culm (stem) 
  measuring 24” – 30” from cut end to tip of flower head (spike, raceme or panicle)
a.Muhlenberia capillaris (pink muhly grass)
b.Pennisetum (fountain grass)
c.Chasmanthium latifolium (northern sea oats), 3 stems required
d.Any other cut grass with spike, raceme or panicle.

Division II – Design – 

Class 1. Drama in Orange: Low-Profile Design HB pg. 78, Section H. Eligible for Companion Design (see p. 23). Designs will be placed on a black step stool (9x9x1). Limit four designs per class. Individuals must register with Kay Karminski and collect the step stool by August 11, 2022.

Class 2.  On Golden Pond: Underwater Design. HB pg. 79, Section K. Limited to four designers who must pre-register with Kay Karminski by August 11, 2022. 


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