Events and Programs in October 2023

Fri, Oct 13, 2022

Program: “Design Competition”
Location: Immanuel United Church of Christ
5401 Whitehall Road
Cambridge, MD 21613

Agenda: 9:30 am - 10:30 am Entries Accepted
10:30 am - 11:15 am Judging/Social Time
11:15 am – 12:00 pm Business Meeting
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Lunch/View Exhibits
12:45 pm - 1:30 pm: Program.

 Program: Four teams of 2 DGC members each will be provided with the same array of floral materials at the meeting. Each team will have 30 minutes to construct their arrangement using the materials provided. If you are interested in participating in a team, or you have a team, please contact 
Sue Lachenmayr 908-797-5650,

Program Chair: Sue Lachenmayr
Horticulture: Martha Keating, Nancy Barger
Design: Linda Easter, Rege Butler
Consultant: Faye Phillips
Clerk: Becky Barth

Division I – Horticulture

Class 1. Rosa (Roses)
a. Miniature single
b. Miniaturre spray
c. Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora
d. Floribunda, Polyantha, Carpet, Climber – one spray
e. Shrub, Old Garden rose

Class 2. Conifers – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/
maximum length 24”)
a. With cones or berries
b. Without cones or berries

Class 3. Broadleaf Evergreen Tree or Shrub – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/maximum length 24”)
a. Flowering
b. Foliage
c. Fruited

Class 4. Deciduous Tree or Shrub – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/maximum length 24”)
a. Flowering
b. Foliage
c. Fruited
Beth Burton and Cheryl Willey work on their design for the 2019 competition

Class 5. Ilex (Holly) – 1 branch (minimum length 6”/maximum length 18”)
a. Foliage
b. Fruited

Class 6. Container Grown Plants (maximum pot diameter 8”)
a. Flowering
b. Foliage

Class 7. Open Class
a. Annual
b. Perennial
c. Biennial
d. Bulb, corm, rhizome, tuber
e. Vines

Class 8. Dahlias
a. Single
b. Cactus

Class 9. Herbs – Group of three (3) cut specimens in one container
A Same cultivar
B. Different cultivars

Class 10. Chrysanthemum (Leucanthemum)-one spray
a. Button
b. Quill or spoon
c. Decorative
d. Any other

Class 11. Five (5) fruits or vegetables shown on a tray. May be all the same or different variety.

Class 12. Ornamental Grasses-single cut grass culm (stem) measuring wr”-30” from cut end to tip of flower head (spike, raceme or panicle)
a. Muhlenberia capillaris (pink mulhly grass)
b. Pennisetum (fountain grass)
c. Chasmanthium latifolium (northern sea oats), 3 stems required
d. Any other cut grass with spike, raceme or panicle

Division II – Design

Class 1. “Harvest Moon” – Reflective Design - HB Pg. 75 – M.
May be entered as a Companion Design as described in HB Pg. 79 – X – A – b.

Class 2. “Leaves are Falling” - Framed Spatial Design - HB Pg. 74 – H. 4 entries – Design to be suspended from eye screw on an ‘IV’ pole – Circle diameter - 25”
mechanic provided by committee.

Four (4) entries – please sign-up through 
    Linda Chandlee ( by September 8, 2023.


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