DGC  Civic Improvement Projects

Here are examples of what DGC members do and participate in and how we contribute to the local communities.

This is in addition to our monthly Events and Programs. Every year the DGC Program committee puts together monthly activities designed for your enjoyment, entertainment and education with an emphasis on diverse activities (e.g., bus trips, hands-on workshops, great speakers), collaboration and community building.

HERON Garden, Long Wharf, Cambridge: Club members seasonally maintain and provide new plantings as required.

World War II Memorial Garden, Long Wharf, Cambridge: DGC partners with the American League and the City of Cambridge to maintain and provide new plantings as required for this Legion monument and community WWII Memorial. The garden was designed by DGC's Carla Huber

Dorchester County Courthouse: Club members seasonally maintain and provide new garden plants, potted containers and holiday decorations to enhance the landscape of this public building.

Memorial Garden at Beulah Veteran's Cemetery in Hurlock

Interested? Inquire about becoming a DGC member and volunteer. 
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