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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ).
Updated March 2023

Dorchester Garden Club members participate in ‘mini’ flower shows monthly in order to learn more about horticulture and design and to better prepare them for entering National Garden Club (NGC) Standard Flower Shows, an activity replete with many rules and requirements. With this monthly practice of mini flower shows at meetings, our members learn a great deal and become very competitive in District and State flower shows.

Educational materials created and provided by Jeanne Bernard and her team.

FAQ #1 
For all mini-flower shows:
How to correctly use PLANT TERMINOLOGY?
In this RESPONSE to a FAQ we want to help our members to learn and be more accurate about using official Plant Terminology.
              (posted in July 2023)

FAQ #2: For mini-Flower show schedules with 
       HERB Exhibits: TBA
  What do you mean by same or different cultivars of Herbs
  How to provide complete names.

FAQ #3: For mini-Flower show schedules with 
       DAFFODIL exhibits 
             (posted in March - April  2023)
What do you mean by same or different cultivars of Daffodils?
Click here for the Educational Materials on Daffodills

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