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The Potting Shed - A Standard Flower Show
Held by Dorchester Garden Club on 
Wednesday, May 25th, 2012 or 2014 (a few years ago)
Blue Ribbon Design Entries Shown Below
               Pot et Fleur ("Pot and Flower" ) Design Workshop
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Club member Susie Middleton demonstrated how to make a traditional Williamsburg Door Topper.  The ten participants were provided a frame and then created their own. 
                                                         CAMP AGAPE CONTRIBUTIONS in 2014
Led by club member Nancy Hastings club members contribute gift in support of an annual holiday party for the children of Camp Agape.  These children have one or more parents incarcerated. At the party the children "shopped" from the donationa enabling them to have gifts for family members.  Here are some pictures of the donations waiting to be taken to the party.
Williamsburg Plaque Design Ideas .
How to Make a Door Topper
 Leaf Manipulation Workshop in.....
Dorchester Garden Club (DGC) in Maryland: 
We offer many activities for our Members. 
We offer many pathways to get to know us....

Every year the  DGC Program committee puts together monthly activities designed for your enjoyment, entertainment and education with an emphasis on diverse activities (e.g., bus trips, hands-on workshops, great speakers), collaboration and community building. We want to engage new faces, build our membership and increase our partnerships with community groups such as the other garden clubs in District 1 and local non-profits, this with a view towards enhancing everyone’s experience in the Dorchester Garden Club. We encourage your input and ideas and guests are welcome at all our programs.

If you are not sure yet that you want to become a member, consider joining the fun as a "Friend of DGC" for $20/year....and you can start volunteering and participating in activities, including our monthly events/programs/meetings and get to know us.
(But, unlike paying members, you will have to pay $25 for lunch at each event).

Remember: you need to have a DGC SPONSOR to become a member. So being a friend first will allow you to meet many potential sponsors. 
e-mail us if you want to become a "friend"
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or e mail to :
We also have a presence on FaceBook and Instagram where you can find additional information and photos
Multiple events at  State House, Annapolis, Maryland 2017, 2018, and 2019
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See also our DGC Christmas tree in 2017 in State House, Annapolis, Maryland:
Link to: (click here; the STAR Advocate newspaper article from 2017) with the following CAPTION in the Newspaper:
The Dorchester County Garden Club again was one of the Maryland garden clubs invited to display a Christmas tree at the Maryland State House in Annapolis for the 2017 Holiday Season. From left are Susan Matthews, Cookie Brohawn, Mary Slacum, Cheryl Willey (back), first lady Yumi Hogan, Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, Wanda Ceikot, Karen Cartwright (back), Kay Karminski and Fran Collins.