DGC Members'  Designs,  Design Workshops
                 and Flower Shows

Dorchester Garden Club (DGC) in Maryland: 
We offer many activities for our Members. 
We offer many pathways to get to know us....

Every year the DGC Program committee puts together monthly activities designed for your enjoyment, entertainment and education with an emphasis on diverse activities (e.g., bus trips, hands-on workshops, great speakers, workshops, luncheons, programs, FLOWER SHOWSDESIGNS and DESIGN WORKSHOPS, etc..).

Here we want to highlight a few of our DGC Member activities.
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We  highlight some of the 
DESIGNS by DGC Members.

​The 2021 Designs shown at the Dorchester Center for the Arts in 2021:
We show 3 of the 10 designs: 

                                                  ....and a design by Mari Stanley 
                                                                            (#10 above to right)

and a third design by Sue Betz Design (see above)
Design by Shirley Chatham
Design by Cheryl Willey
Design by David Adams
Design by Mari Stanley
District I Flower Show
Here are a few more examples, including a 2018 Flower Show.
Link to the news paper article in the Dorchester Star in 2018:
​Workshop / Flower Show in June 2018:
'Along the Garden Path' flower show
​CAMBRIDGE — “Along the Garden Path,” Standard Flower Show was held from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at Immanuel United Church of Christ, 5401 White Hall Road, Cambridge.
The Newspaper photo shows: From left, Kay Karminski, flower show chairperson, and committee members and consultants Beverly Waggoner, artist Patti Lucas Hopkins, Karen Cartwright and Susie Middleton. Not pictured is Faye Phillips.

DGC offers many other Design Workshops and Flower Shows.
For example:
Wreath Making.
Parallel Flower arrangmeents
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Coming soon also:
DGC Member's Planting Tips.
We also highlight some of the
FLOWER SHOW Awards by DGC Members.

​Below are some examples of work shown and prizes awarded at the
District I Holiday Standard Flower Show in Oxford, MD
Oct 19, 2019 " HALLOWEEN".
Members of the DGC won many prizes and recognition.
First a design by Kay Karminski 
(#9 below to the left):